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Puder og pudebetræk

Pillows and pillowcase are designed for the first time sewer, are very easy to make, and have specialeasy-to-follow sewing instructions.
Designed for woven and firm knit fabrics.
Suggested Fabrics: Cotton, cotton types, denim, wool, flannel, faux fur, fleece, jersey

Square, round and triangular shaped pillows in three sizes are stuffed with fiberfill. Pillow with panelshas contrast fabric center. Pillowcase fits a standard 20"x 26" (51 cmx 65 cm) pillow. Pattern includespatterns and instructions for a pocket and heart, flower and letter appliques.
94,00 DKK
1 stk. på lager.1 stk. på lager.
Vægt 80 gr.
Varenummer k3525

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