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Sytaske m. indbygget nålepude og kop organiser

Sytasken kan hænge på bordkanten fordi nålepuden er gjort tung med sand og en flise. POUCH WITH PINCUSHION
Square pincushion is filled with sand and attached to a cover that holds a
ceramic tile. Lined pouch has tubing in top edge and is attached to tile cover
with a strap, allowing pouch to hang over the edge of a table. Tile cover, strap,
and pouch band are from contrast fabric.
Fabric 44" (112 cm) Wide-1/2 yd (0.50 m)
Fabric 58" (148 cm) Wide-3/8 yd (0.35 m)
Contrast Fabric 44" (112 cm) or 58" (148 cm) Wide-1/4 yd (0.25 m)
Lining (tightly woven to hold sand)-6" x 10" (15 cm x 25 cm) Piece
Notions: Thread, 18" (46 cm) of 1/4" (6 mm) poly tubing, 3/4" (2 cm) long
wooden dowel or peg with 3/16" (5 mm) diameter (for connecting tube), one
4 1/4" (10.5 cm) ceramic tile, sand to fill pincushion.
Cup organizer is double with fleece inner lining, has divided pocket on outside,
and bias binding on outer edge. Pocket is from contrast fabric. Top edge folds
over top of cup.
Fabric 44" (112 cm) or 58" (148 cm) Wide-5/8 yd (0.60 m)
Contrast Fabric-7" x 13" (18 cm x 33 cm) Piece
Fleece-9" x 12" (23 cm x 30 cm) Piece
Notions: Thread, cup.
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